Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adventures in Appendicitis

As most of you know, I spent this past weekend in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy. I thought it would be fun to share some little gems I gathered from this weekend. 

1. Listen to your husband when he says that intense, never ending, excruciating pain in your side is not simply a reaction to an antibiotic. 

2. Always brush your hair before leaving the house, no matter how bad you feel. 

3. Morphine is pretty amazing. Like REALLY amazing. 

4. Ambulance drivers/ medics are wonderfully kind people who give you desperately needed water when cruel doctors and nurses deny this basic human need. 

5. Little surgery hats are funny, with or without the morphine. 

6. Being awakened from surgery is one of the cruelest wake ups ever. Let a girl sleep!

7. The food at WakeMed is not nearly as good as the food at REX ( just sayin...)

8.  Pretty flowers from sweet friends and family really do make you feel better! ( kit kats, chocolate covered pretzels, and cake pops might have also helped)

9. Nurses are torturers who force you to get up and walk and breathe deep when all you want to do is sleep. 

10. Holding out for the bigger room so your husband can actually have a bed pays off! 

11. Four days is way too long to be away from these sweet faces!

12. My husband is a rare find. He gives, provides, cares, and does. All without complaint or expectation. 

13. My family is a bunch of rock stars! They scooped up my boys and gladly loved and cared for them while I couldn't.

14. Modern medicine is fabulous and I'm super thankful for it ( I mean, they pulled my appendix out through my belly button! That's kinda amazing! I would post a picture of my belly button, but that might be a bit much)

15. And lastly, Thank you Jesus for making our bodies resilient little healers! 
( that's me. At home. Feeling better.)

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