Friday, December 20, 2013

Let it snow...Please! let it snow!

Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer... and a big ol long list of "I want"....

My oldest LOVES every aspect of this season. We have spent the month of December oohing and aahing over lights and decorations, watching Christmas movies and specials, singing carols over and over and over ( it is his goal to memorize every carol ever.. so sick of rudolph, falalalala, and even Hark the Herald Angels).... we have made crafts and attempted Christmas cookies, but most of all we have been building a master Christmas list. 

This is the first year he has really understood the whole gift getting aspect of Christmas. So everywhere we go I hear, " Mommy, let's add this to my list". I then lovingly explain that we don't get everything on our list. Normally, I receive a vague shrug and mumble in response as if this is crazy talk and of course all 3 billion items from his list will be waiting for him Christmas morning. I know come Christmas morning the list will be mostly forgotten and he will be ecstatic with his gifts. But, I am afraid he will notice the absence of one of his essentials.....snow. 

Yes, has repeatedly asked me to put snow on his list. When excitedly looking forward to the big day, he exclaims that we will open all our presents Christmas eve and then we will make snow angels Christmas Day. The first time he said this I asked what we would do if there was no snow. The look he gave me was more 14 than 4 as he slowly replied, " There is always snow at Christmas". I immediately knew I was in trouble. It's too warm, we live in North Carolina, it doesn't always snow at Christmas, we can still have fun without snow.....these are just some of my replies. None seem to work. Books, shows, and Christmas songs have convinced him snow and Christmas are synonymous. Nothing Mommy says can undo this.

 So, join me in praying for a freak winter storm for NC, or kindly turn a blind eye when my family is bundled up in winter coats and scarves happily making "angels" in the browning grass and  piles of dead leaves.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I did a bad bad thing. Something I swore I would never do. Something I  loudly ranted about and protested in opposition. 

I joined Pinterest.

I was finally overcome by my curiosity of why so many women, my friends, were obsessed with this thing. Why would you want to have millions of pictures of things you can't do, can't make, can't own continuously in your face??

I get it now. They make you feel as if you can do them, you can make them. That one day you very well could own that! Turn a table cloth into a tree skirt? Easy Peasy! Make a coffee table out of old crates? I got this! Finger knit 10 different infinity scarves for Christmas presents? I'm all over it! Own a super adorable "summer look" made up of designer clothing? Make room in the closet!

These are all things I have "pinned". All things that I have considered as possibilities in my talentless world. You see, these cutesy tutorials forget to remind me that I can't even cut a straight line..... so how will that tree skirt work again? I don't have wood crates lying around, and by the time I go get some couldn't I have bought a coffee table... craigslist maybe? And those blasted scarves! I'm still not quite sure what finger knitting is ( but they assure me even a child could do it)! 

So ladies, ( and those 5 men out there who have also joined) I am officially one of you. I will pin, attempt, laugh at my horrible interpretations, and glory in my few triumphs. I will begrudgingly enjoy my time hunting through the never ending list of ideas. And I will remind myself why I was so against it in the first place.

Monday, December 2, 2013

YaYa Roly YaYa Poly...

My four month old is a spaz. Before you become offended on his behalf please know that this was typed in love. Plus, it's the truth. Let me explain...

Last week my darling boy conquered the complex skill of rolling over. I naively cheered him on in this endeavor. I watched misty eyed as my sweet baby began the milestone filled path to mobility. Little did I know that his new "trick" would be the cause of great turmoil in our sleeping routine.

Now that he could roll over I no longer wanted to swaddle him. I had visions of him swaddled up tight, face down in his crib unable to scream for help. No problem. My oldest ( the worst sleeper ever) transitioned beautifully from swaddle to freedom.
Well, once again I was reminded that no two babies are alike. That once again, any edge I thought I had from already caring for one infant was erroneous. I'm a newbie when it comes to my youngest!

My poor little guy can't control his flailing arms and seems to roll around his crib all night. I tried explaining to him that just because he can roll doesn't mean he has to roll. Oddly enough, he did not seem to understand. So, we are back to square one when it comes to sleep. Hopefully, my boy will soon learn to control his spastic little arms instead of clawing at his face and batting wildly at the air. And maybe one day his chubby roly poly body will lie still, and then we can all get some sleep.

Until then, I welcome any strategies you other mamas ( and daddies) have found affective with a twitchy baby.