Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stalk this way... A confession

Confession time- I am a social media stalker. Creepily enough, I stalk other women. Women who I think are awesome and I secretly want to be their best friend... Or for them to at least know I am alive. The stalking in itself is not necessarily bad ( sure it's weird but not bad). The bad part is I begin to compare, like obsessively compare. 

Her blog is amazing... I wish I wrote more like her. 
That outfit is perfection.... Why isn't my wardrobe that awesome?
She is so thin..... I need to starve myself to achieve a thigh gap.
I love her hair... I want effortless beachy waves!
She has a fierce love for Jesus.... Why can't my relationship with Christ look like hers?

The proper response to all of these: because I'm not her! I'm me! I recently read a devotional that spoke to the individual purpose God has for each of us. How He has a plan specifically tailored for me. Yet, I've been missing it. I have been so busy obsessing over what I'm not, I've missed what I am.

I am a child of the King. Created in His image. Tailored for a specific purpose. 

Touching thighs and all. 

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