Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I did a bad bad thing. Something I swore I would never do. Something I  loudly ranted about and protested in opposition. 

I joined Pinterest.

I was finally overcome by my curiosity of why so many women, my friends, were obsessed with this thing. Why would you want to have millions of pictures of things you can't do, can't make, can't own continuously in your face??

I get it now. They make you feel as if you can do them, you can make them. That one day you very well could own that! Turn a table cloth into a tree skirt? Easy Peasy! Make a coffee table out of old crates? I got this! Finger knit 10 different infinity scarves for Christmas presents? I'm all over it! Own a super adorable "summer look" made up of designer clothing? Make room in the closet!

These are all things I have "pinned". All things that I have considered as possibilities in my talentless world. You see, these cutesy tutorials forget to remind me that I can't even cut a straight line..... so how will that tree skirt work again? I don't have wood crates lying around, and by the time I go get some couldn't I have bought a coffee table... craigslist maybe? And those blasted scarves! I'm still not quite sure what finger knitting is ( but they assure me even a child could do it)! 

So ladies, ( and those 5 men out there who have also joined) I am officially one of you. I will pin, attempt, laugh at my horrible interpretations, and glory in my few triumphs. I will begrudgingly enjoy my time hunting through the never ending list of ideas. And I will remind myself why I was so against it in the first place.

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