Monday, December 2, 2013

YaYa Roly YaYa Poly...

My four month old is a spaz. Before you become offended on his behalf please know that this was typed in love. Plus, it's the truth. Let me explain...

Last week my darling boy conquered the complex skill of rolling over. I naively cheered him on in this endeavor. I watched misty eyed as my sweet baby began the milestone filled path to mobility. Little did I know that his new "trick" would be the cause of great turmoil in our sleeping routine.

Now that he could roll over I no longer wanted to swaddle him. I had visions of him swaddled up tight, face down in his crib unable to scream for help. No problem. My oldest ( the worst sleeper ever) transitioned beautifully from swaddle to freedom.
Well, once again I was reminded that no two babies are alike. That once again, any edge I thought I had from already caring for one infant was erroneous. I'm a newbie when it comes to my youngest!

My poor little guy can't control his flailing arms and seems to roll around his crib all night. I tried explaining to him that just because he can roll doesn't mean he has to roll. Oddly enough, he did not seem to understand. So, we are back to square one when it comes to sleep. Hopefully, my boy will soon learn to control his spastic little arms instead of clawing at his face and batting wildly at the air. And maybe one day his chubby roly poly body will lie still, and then we can all get some sleep.

Until then, I welcome any strategies you other mamas ( and daddies) have found affective with a twitchy baby.

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  1. Hi Julia, You could try swaddling him, but placing T in a wedge positioner so that he can't roll over. I did that with mine to great success. Hope that helps!