Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All I want is...

Reality. I've decided my generation and the following generations no longer live there. I recently became aware of an odd expectation that has taken root with the 20 somethings to early 30s. We have created a mythical creature in our minds. A unicorn of employment. A fantasy fueled by the internet, " realty tv", and those people moving to tropical islands on House Hunters International.

We are searching for The Perfect Job/Career/  It's really more of a life style....our prerequisites are the following:

We want to work the fewest amount of hours possible. In a perfect world we work from home ( our large eco friendly home with four bedrooms and a seperate office), and we log no more than 5 hours a day.

We want to make massive amounts of money- now. We do not work our way up, pay our dues, and earn a promotion. No, if we have the misfortune of not being our own boss then the boss we do have is supposed to immediately recognize our unmatched skill/ worthiness/ awesomeness and pay us accordingly ( even though we work minimal hours everyday. I guess we are just that good??).

We want to LOVE our jobs. We truly believe that if we are not passionate about it we shouldn't have to do it. The thought of simply working a job to provide is repulsive and unacceptable! We deserve fun, interesting, and " meaningful" work....and don't forget! This awesome job is on my schedule and pays top dollar ( if by chance it also benefits barefoot and hungry children in Myanmar even better!)

We are delusional. A few, small, select group has found success with this magical combo, but it is not the norm. It is not the average man's reality. Ask any small business owner and they will tell you they work looong hours. They worked hard to build their business and pay, and normally they do like, even love what they do, but it can still "feel" like a job.

 We have become lazy, spoiled, and greedy. Our demands for employment on our terms has revealed these truths.

Imagine previous generations, our parents, demanding short workdays, refusing jobs they didn't love, expecting top dollar as the newbie. It's laughable! And so are we.

So dream on my fellow millenials. But remember the real world requires real work. Work requires effort and time. Effort and time are eventually rewarded. And love....well, some may argue that love is optional.

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