Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am weak but He is strong.

-You're not smart enough.

-You're not pretty enough.

-No one thinks you're funny/ clever/ interesting.

-You're just not that talented.

-You're too short.

-You're too fat.

-You're a crappy mom.

These are all lies I have heard. Lies I have believed. Lies that were born in my own mind then mumbled to the mirror. 

Many of us are guilty of trash talking our own reflection. We focus in on a perceived imperfection or weakness and magnify it to soul crushing proportions. 

But here is the beauty, my weakness does not matter in His strength. My imperfections are covered. My inabilities are reshaped and reimagined for His purposes. I must quiet my mind and instead search for the heart of my God. His Word assures me of His love, His plan, His continual work in me.

It is time to rewrite the lies and choose to see the blessings.....The work in me and through me.

-I am not the smartest person in the world, but I have a thirsty mind that can learn.

-I am not a super model, but I can reflect the beauty of my Savior.

-I am not the most interesting man/ woman in the world, but I have been given wonderful friends who love me and laugh with me.

-I am not freakishly talented at any particular thing, but I can use what talent I have been given to serve my Lord.

-The short thing....well, I really am short. Time to just come to grips with that one...

-I am not a size two, but I am healthy and physically able to accomplish all my Maker gives my hands to do.
-I am not uber mom, but I love my boys. As I study God's Word and spend time with my Heavenly Father He teaches me how I can love them more and better.

It turns out I am a person of weaknesses and imperfections, and that's okay.

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