Friday, September 20, 2013


Have you ever done something and almost immediately regretted it? I am the queen of regret/ remorse. Sometimes it is an immediate, " What have I done?" Other times it takes days, weeks, maybe months or years for my mistake to become apparent.
Here I will share my top ten most regrettable moments.....

1. Buying a house.....with only two the height of the florida ( one of the hardest hit places during the real estate crash)

2. Buying a pair of skinny jeans. No they are NOT for everyone. I should have listened to Stacy and Clinton.....

3. Spending a year of college as an art major. I can't even draw! I had a professor laugh, yes audibly laugh, at one of my "works". 

4. Letting my husband sell our Nissan titan. I miss my truck. Yes, it was crazy bad on gas, but I was bigger than most the people on the road. Vehicular intimidation.... priceless.

5. Everything I wore between 1996-2000. No wardrobe should have that much flannel, cheap denim, and velour. Rough stuff.

6. Not paying attention while my mother was cooking. Who knew cooking would be a skill I would need later on in life? 

7. Not traveling more b.c. ( before children). I had the time, money, and energy to go anywhere in the world! But, for some reason I didn't. Now, I can't even muster the time and energy to step outside. Let's not even discuss the money....

8. Eating. The majority of what I eat or drink on any given day will be regretted within a 2 hour period. For example, that pumpkin cheesecake donut and coke I had earlier were not my best moment.

9. Watching Downtown Abbey. I still haven't forgiven them for the final moments of season three. I gave them three seasons, and they broke my heart. I'm boycotting season 4.... let's see how long that lasts.....

10. Not buying the brown leather Aigner riding boots that were on sale at the outlet 3 years ago. I still dream about them.

As I compiled this list I realized I had way more than 10 major regrets. One day I might have to add my other top 10 regrets. Until then, share yours! What is your biggest regret? 

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