Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning Grace

There are some things that come naturally to me. For example, sarcasm, lifting one eyebrow, and finding a good deal are all areas in which I excel. Unfortunately, grace can not be added to that list. I am more of a justice girl. But, I was recently reminded of the beauty and importance of showing grace. 

There is a woman who has repeatedly hurt my husband's family. She gossiped about them, stole from them, and spread false information. They continued to forgive her, and she continued to hurt them and others.

Recently, she needed surgery, and my husband learned it would be preformed at a nearby hospital. He decided to go so he could pray with her and encourage her. I watched from the comfort of our warm bed as he awoke early and dressed quietly so he wouldn't wake our newborn sleeping in his bassinet. I shook my head as he climbed in the car. I spent the day watching the clock and tsking. This undeserving woman had monopolized my husband's entire day. 

When he finally returned home he shared how this woman wept when he walked into the room. She had been all alone and had assumed she would remain that way. He sat listening for hours as she poured out her heart and shared stories of her life. As he finished telling me about his day he simply stated, "She just needs Jesus".

I was humbled and slightly embarrassed about my attitude that day. My husband had chosen to show grace and compassion. I had chosen judgement. At the thought of her need for Christ I was reminded of my own unworthiness. I am so thankful God showed me His grace and compassion when I deserved judgement. And, I'm thankful for a husband who is helping me learn to share grace with others.

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