Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Super Baby

My baby has magic powers. It's true. They are not spiderman type powers ( to the disappointment of his older brother), but powers none the less. Unfortunately, we have yet to harness these powers for the greater good. He currently uses them to torture and cause discomfort.
   When trying to explain these powers I normally liken them to animal intuition. Not just dogs that sense their owners are sad or a certain person is danger, but prediction level. There are dogs that can predict on coming seizures, and some even assert dogs can predict earthquakes! My baby's powers are earthquake predicting level. 

Super power 1. My baby knows when I have an early day or busy day coming. This morning I needed to be up by 6 am. That is unheard of crazy early for our house. My baby knew. He woke up every 2 hours last night. This is after weeks of 5-6 hours of sleep in a row. You now understand why I consider these powers malevolent in nature. 

Super power 2. My baby knows when I am going to pour milk on my cereal. When the last drop reaches the toasted flakes a wail will rise from my child. He now needs attention, love, food, or to be changed. This may not sound terrible to you, but you experience two months of soggy cereal then come talk to me.

Super power 3. My baby can predict when Curtis Stone is going to reveal who was "chopped" from Top Chef Masters. That wail I mentioned earlier becomes an ear piercing scream that blocks out all other sound and temporarily blinds you ( that might be an exaggeration). Let's just say I'm thankful for dvr. 

Super power 4. My baby can predict when the waiter will bring the food. He can be in a coma like sleep and wake up the second the waiter turns the corner. 

Super power 5. And last, the redeeming power that restores my sanity. My baby knows when I need to hold him. Whether I'm sad, discouraged, lonely, or just ready for a snuggle he is ready for one too. My hubby says it could be the pinch I give him to wake him up, but I prefer to think it's our bond and his super powers.

What could your little one always "predict?"

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  1. My 6mo old has the same super powers! Yesterday we decided to walk downtown for lunch..he slept the whole walk, slept through beverages..appetizers..menu selections..and *dun dun dun*...out comes jessica with our food and instantly Eli opened his eyes like "whooo! What took her so long!?" LoL, yes...we'll call them baby Avengers! In the end, they always know when we need to load up on grins and kisses though! Love the blog!