Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A New Window: weight loss

My window is closing. The precious days of blaming my weight on a new baby are almost over. In previous weeks I received comments like, " wow, you look great for just having had a baby!" I reveled in these comments. They made that brownie, can of coke, or order of cheese fries possible. But those comments have faded. Now I get, " oh look, a baby!" I know what this means. It means it is time to care again. It means I can no longer hold up a newborn as an excuse for my weight. It means I have to try. My window is closing.

I must open a new window, so I began exercising yesterday. It was excruciatingly painful and slightly embarrassing. Jumping jacks were no longer a simple warmup. They were evil and hard. Push ups were near impossible! With Titus I had reached a whole new level of out of shape. I must now claw my way back. Delicious desserts and cheese laden calories must be set aside. Cardio must be reintroduced. Accountability is essential.

So dear friends, if you see this girl walking around with milkshake in hand, snatch it away. If a bag of fast food is being held tightly, pry it loose. If I'm guzzling a can of coke, cut me some slack. I was probably up all night with a teething baby. 


  1. My window has been open for 23 years with no possibility of being closed anytime in the near future ;)

  2. I gotta tell you. It's definitely harder. The weight dropped off after the first two. Here I am, baby number 3, and I am still trying to lose weight 15 months later! I will never judge you, my friend! I'm in there with you!- Nicole Milton