Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pastor Appreciation Part I

Since October is Pastor Appreciation Month, I thought it would be fitting to give a public thank you to the men and women who have impacted me through their ministry. The profession they were called into is extremely difficult, draining, and often discouraging. It is important that we as members of their ministry remember to thank them and encourage them. So, this is my thank you.

Pastor and Mrs.Milton, through your ministry I discovered my passion for missions. Growing up I watched as you tirelessly planned and pursued ways for our small church to have a large impact on our world. I learned the importance of praying for our missionaries and building relationships with them. I learned the importance of going to work side by side with these men and women. I learned I am called to share my faith and make disciples whereever I am. It planted in my heart the desire to serve in whatever way God had for me. 

Pastor and Mrs. Herman, through your ministry I was shown patience and kindness. As students I know we were not always so kind to you or Mrs. Herman. Now, that my husband is a youth pastor I realize how often you probably wanted to give us a swift kick, but you never let that show. You faithfully preached to us and lovingly put up with us, all while working another full time job. Thank you for investing all the time you really didn't have into us. We may not have shown it, but we loved you and your wife.

Mr. Rudman, it makes me smile to think that as I sit and type of your faithfulness you have already heard the words, " Well done my good and faithful servant". You are already enjoying your heavenly home with our Savior. My words of praise and recognition no longer matter to you. You have experienced the glory of our Lord. You have bowed before Him, and have lovingly offered Him all of your praise. Your crowns have been cast at His feet. I still would like to say thank you.  You cared for each student in your ministry, and even though we knew when you were annoyed with us we also knew that you were praying for us. You showed us courage and how to truly depend upon the Lord. Thank you.

Ron and Celia Jones, thank you for serving the students of the triad through campus crusade. Your ministry helped me to grow spiritually in a time of life when most students are walking away from the Lord. You and Celia encouraged me to hold fast to my faith and share it with the lost students on my campus. You gave me the opportunty to not only learn what I believe but to put it into practice. Thank you for your hard work. I know our campus wasn't easy and didn't always show results, but you continued to pour into the students that did come. Thank you.

These are the men and women who helped prepare me for a life in ministry. Tomorrow, I will say thank you to those who my husband and I have been blessed to serve with in ministry.

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