Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Day Titus Almost Became an Only Child

  That early October Sunday dawned cool and gray. A thick fog  covered the world offering a false sense of hush. The previous week had been unseasonably warm so this morning, as odd as it was, was a welcome respite. I quickly dressed for church as my youngest lay cooing on the bed and my oldest noisely played in the bedroom floor. As I contemplated which necklace best complimented my attire, I heard Isaac sweetly call my name. 
"What is it, bud?" I responded distractedly.
" Are we going to have another baby?" He asked.
I smiled and chuckled softly. " No honey, we are not", I patiently replied. 
He paused pensively then declared, " Yes we are, because your belly is big."
   The outside gray turned a deep black. The misty fog thickened. The young boy smiled wide, unaware of the danger he was facing. My eyes narrowed, nostrils flared, lip curled and my voice reached an alarmingly dangerous low. 
" I'm still in my window", I growled. Blinded with rage I mentally flipped through my options. Kick him square in the butt, pinch the fat on the back of his leg, spit in his eye! As the red began to fade and I returned to my senses, I knew I didn't really want to harm my offspring ( nor could I legally ). 
   I breathed deeply, and chose to forgive the cruel words of my clueless young child. Instead of wallowing, I would use them as inspiration. Plus, I really am still in my window...... or so I continue to tell myself. 

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