Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Us Time

My parents kindly offered to watch the boys last night so the hubs and I could go out. We were only gone for an hour and thirty minutes, but it felt like an entire evening.

We went to a little café and ordered whatever we wanted with no considerations of the reaction of a four year old sharing with us. We chose a small table near other people with out fear of receiving glares. We talked, laughed, and flirted. We didn't even care that the service was a bit slow.

It was a needed and refreshing time for us as a couple. We were able to truly talk about issues in our lives.We shared our thoughts with out interruption. It was lovely.

We returned to our children lighter. We were excited to see them and happily listened to one chatter and the other babble. We love our boys, but sometimes it's nice to have an hour and thirty minutes to remind us how much.

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