Friday, November 1, 2013


It's NaBloPoMo! That's insider lingo for National Blog Post Month ( I just learned that this week... I guess I'm finally an insider). In honor of NaBloPoMo I have made a commitment to write a new post everyday.  This is a big commitment people, but I think it's doable.... And I am actually kind of excited for the challenge.  

I'm not promising every post will be profound, insightful, entertaining, or even coherent! But, I do promise to write everyday. I have spent the last week compiling ideas for this month long adventure. Trust me, thinking up thirty different topics that are at least partially interesting is harder than it sounds. 

What you can expect this month:
My experience with Post Partum Depression
Why my family is crazier than yours
My kid said what....??
Forget lunch let's do life
Raising a thankful child
My dream date
Fat arms ( just wait.. It'll make sense)
The little things
My favorite thanksgiving recipes
The curse of the NBA
Anti DIY

As you can see, I'm still coming up with ideas. So, if you have any feel free to share!

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