Friday, November 8, 2013 pillow

My eyes are heavy and outlined in baggy dark circles. The sides of my mouth are slightly crusted in drool. I am tired.

My precious son has been struggling with the concept of sleep lately. This is disappointing. You see, for roughly a month he teased me by sleeping 8 hours straight. I happilyy thought that we had beaten sleepless nights. I rejoiced over the idea of uninterrupted sleep. My joy was premature. 

Last week he cut his first tooth ( at 31/2 months, crazy I know!), and as a result his awesone sleep routine disappeared. He began waking up a couple times every night. The tooth is now officially in, but his sleep habits have yet to correct themselves. 

So please forgive these awkward blog posts. In all honesty, I'm partially asleep as I type this. I warned you at the beginning of NaBloPoMo that the posts may not always be coherent, but I promised to write them anyway.  

Good night friends. I'm going to stop drooling on the keyboard and go crash on my pillow.  Let's pray I get to spend some much needed, uninterrupted time with that pillow. I think it's beginning to feel neglected......

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