Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time well spent

Vacations should be relaxing, and our latest trip to Atlanta definitely was. We chose to spend the majority of our time with family and tried to avoid rushing around from one place to another. Although, we did go on a few fun excursions.

We took Isaac to visit Josh's aunt at the fire station she works at.  She showed him the trucks, an ambulance, all the gear, and a hovercraft used in water rescues. Needless to say, Isaac loved it! His favorite part was opening the compartment doors on the side of the fire truck. He was also pretty fascinated by the hovercraft... I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty sweet.

Our next big outing was to the Georgia Aquarium in down town Atlanta. Josh's grandma watched our youngest so we could really focus on spending time with our big kid. Isaac loved The aquarium! We had a hard time getting a descent pic because he wouldn't hold still. He was busy rushing from one exhibit to the next. Thanks to a little show called Octonauts, my child is a mini expert on sea life. He ran around the aquarium shouting, " Seahorses!" "Jellyfish!" " Pirhanas!" "Beluga Whales!" It was adorable and impressive to see how many of the fish he recognized. We also were able to see a dolphin show which I thought was neat. Isaac thought it was a bit long ( he was ready to move on to the sharks). Overall, it was a fun experience and I'm glad we were able to provide it for our boy.

Vacation officially ends today. Tomorrow we head back to life, responsibilities, and routine. I feel we are ready though. We are rested and refreshed. We hid from reality, invested in each other as a family, and took some time for ourselves. It may not have been fancy, but it was ours.

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