Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mini Me

Recently it has becoming increasingly apparent that my child is very aware of the things I say and do. He is so aware that he begins to say and do them too. Sometimes this can be very sweet and heart warming, other times it is embarrassing and convicting.

Today we took Isaac to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. Now if you know me you know I HATE fish. I think they are grossly weird creatures and the oceans would be much better without them. Unfortunately, my husband and son think they are amazing. Hence the trip to the Aquarium. While there I caught myself spelling a lot of my thoughts to my husband. For example, " That angler fish is g-r-o-s-s." I didn't want Isaac to know I thought the whole place horrible. I didn't want to color his experience, or ruin sea life for him. He loves it, and I didn't want that to change because of me.

This evening, as I sat thinking about our day, I realized how hard I had worked at protecting him from such a trivial thing... My opinion of fish. My actions today showed I understand the power of my influence in his life. Am I that aware when it comes to things that matter? Do I protect him from gossip? Name calling? Anger? Sarcasm? Whining? Blaming others?

Do I instead provide him with attitudes to emulate? Do I encourage him to love others? Share? Give freely? Encourage? Forgive? Sacrifice?  Do I point him to Christ in my everyday actions and responses ?

My boys are watching and listening. Their responses to life will reflect my own. It's time I truly consider what they are seeing and hearing so I can be proud of what I hear and see from them.

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