Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vacation- all I ever wanted....

Today is a momentous occasion. One that I have been looking forward to but also slightly nervous about. Today, we embarked upon our first vacation as a family  of four. And oh my! How things have changed!

I sit writing this from a pitch black hotel room that is filled with the sounds of my men. A coughing four year old, the snotty snore of a four month old, and the exhausted snuffle of my hubs. B.C. (before children) vacations were an adventure. I loved staying in hotels, exploring new places, and trying new things. Now.. Hotels make me nervous. I'm afraid my child will wake up screaming and disturb anyone and everyone near us. The only adventure I care for now is the dream variety. I'm pretty sure I would choose an uninterrupted nap over any form of exploring. 

B.C. I would spend time pouring over web sites and message boards looking for ideas of things to do at our destination. Now... I spend time worrying about sleeping arrangements and interrupted sleeping habits. Who knew simply changing the scenery outside the pack-n-play could throw off a four month old completely?? 

B.C. I refused to stop unless it was an absolute emergency. There were times we traveled from Florida to N.C. and only stopped once which was for gas. Now... We stopped after having been on the road for five minutes. A certain little boy had to use the bathroom.  The other little boy just hates his car seat and spent a good portion of the trip screaming. The hubs plugged his ears. I resorted to rocking back and forth while twitching.

Thankfully, we are going to visit family who I'm sure will kindly forgive my boys and their off schedule, and will turn a blind eye to my display of crazy. But, after one day of vacation I'm already in need of a vacation.... Or a Valium. 

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