Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The longest season of all...

Pumpkins, vibrant colors, comfort foods, time with family..... the NBA. Can you find the one that just doesn't quite fit in? The unvited guest that crashed the party? Yes, the professional basketball season has begun. It has broken into my life and will remain an unwanted guest until July. Yep, July.

I really do enjoy basketball, but have always struggled at making a connection with the NBA. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't just connect with the NBA, he has a deep relationship with it. And it's not just with one team. He will watch the game no matter who is playing. He texts friends and family and has long conversations analyzing the game. He mutters to himself and outright yells at the tv. He is passioinate and absorbed.

I sit on the couch staring blankly as my husband watches intently and my four year old yells, " Is that Buh-bron?", his version of Lebron. ( My husband is already trying to teach him all the starters for The Heat). I occassionally nod and smile pretending to care. I secretly countdown the days to the finals and the end of the season.

 I think I could handle this if it was just a couple games a week, but sometimes it's a couple games a night! Even holidays are ambushed by these freakishly tall men. They have taken Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  Thank goodness for DVR, or I'm not sure we would see my husband on these special days.... or any day.

So, welcome back NBA. Back to my tv, to dominating my dvr, to being the background noise that rocks me to sleep each night, to our lives.

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